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Break-fix Pricing and Terms

In-office repair pricing guide

  • Hardware repairs are billed by the job, not by the hour. See below for general hardware repair pricing:

    • Laptop motherboard replacement: $199

    • Laptop DC jack replacement (solder-in): $199

    • Memory upgrades: $39

    • Hard drive replacement with operating system installation: $149

    • Hard drive replacement without operating system installation: $49

    • Battery replacement: $79-$149

    • Data recovery: from $199

    • Advanced data recovery: we partner with DriveSavers for advanced data recovery cases

    • Laptop DC jack replacement (plug-in): $79

    • Laptop screen replacement: $99-$399 (varies based on difficulty of repair)

    • Apple MacBook keyboard replacement: $249

    • Apple MacBook screen replacement: $399

    • Apple MacBook trackpad replacement: $199

    • Data transfer from non-bootable laptop: $149

    • Data transfer from non-bootable M1, M2, or M3-based MacBook: not technically feasible without a cleanroom environment. We partner with DriveSavers in these cases.

    • PC assembly from parts: $49 and up, depending on complexity

    • Smartphone battery or display replacement: $99 and up, depending on complexity

    • Board-level/component-level repair (including microsoldering): contact us for pricing



Initial consultations (15-30 minutes) and quotes by phone, email, or video chat are free of charge. In-depth consultations (60 minutes) and onsite estimates, including a walk-through of the client's site, are billed at our standard hourly rate.

  • Our onsite service delivery rate is $149 per hour.

  • Customers located outside our service area will be billed an additional service delivery fee, based on distance ($1 per mile outside of our delivery area).

  • All onsite service calls are subject to a one hour minimum.

  • Labor time is billed in 15 minute increments and rounded up to the hour.


Service: the delivery of labor time to the client, at the client's location or at our office

Hour: defined as sixty minutes of service time, at the client's location or at our office

Service Level Agreement (SLA): a written contract between Geeks for Business and the client, who subscribes to managed service plans, which defines the scope of service delivery. SLAs define turnaround time for service delivery, response times via phone or email, network and systems uptime guarantees, and whether services will be delivered during off-hours periods (nights, holidays, weekends).

Managed services plan: a written contract between Geeks for Business and the client which defines services to be delivered to the client at the client's location on an ongoing basis. These services may include network management, phone systems management, information security, hardware management, etc.

Holidays: days defined as holidays by the United States federal government.

Off-hours: any time between 6:01 pm and 9:59 am, and/or any time during Sunday, and/or any time during holidays.

Tertiary costs: costs which are necessary for the client to approve in order to complete a project which are not directly related to the services delivered by Geeks for Business or its affiliates.

Onsite: the client's physical location.

Service provider: a provider, other than Geeks for Business, who provides a service such as electrical work, security camera installation, low voltage cabling, HVAC installation, or other.

Scope: the extent of Geeks for Business's service offerings. Please refer to the Our Services page for more information on the services we provide.


The above rates are advertised for hourly, on-demand service only.
These rates do not consider or include tertiary labor costs, software costs, or hardware costs.
Tertiary labor costs are defined as costs incurred outside the scope of Geeks for Business' normal service offerings (eg: contracting an electrician to install electrical wiring before a network or server rack installation can proceed).

The above rates additionally do not apply to service contracts with Geeks for Business.

We encourage you to contact us regarding your needs; managed service plans are significantly more economical than a la carte or as-needed onsite service requests if you have ongoing IT maintenance needs.

Availability of service


We make every effort to accommodate customer requests in a timely manner. However, demand varies throughout the year and occasionally we may not be able to provide service for several days from the time the initial request for service is made. Service contracts are not subject to this proviso if you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with us.

If we deem a location or service request unsafe, outside the scope of our service offerings, illegal, or in violation of other local or municipal regulations, we will either put you in contact with a qualified contractor, alternative service provider, or refuse to provide service if we cannot guarantee a reasonable level of safety for our technicians.

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