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Small farms, garden centers, and agricultural supply stores can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency with managed IT. Geeks for Business will help you find the right fit, at the right price, for your agricultural or horticultural business

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Finance and Legal

Whether you're a self-employed CPA, a PLLC, or a community bank, you need an IT solution that considers your and your clients' safety. With comprehensive endpoint security and proactive threat hunting, as well as secure, tested data backups and Identity and Access Management, Geeks for Business provides a full-stack managed IT solution with operational security most in mind.


Daycare, charter, or private school? Our managed service plans can help you more effectively track, manage, and monitor educational assets; isolate and secure network devices; provide comprehensive network printing management; and implement continuous, proactive threat monitoring to ensure the safety of students and staff alike.

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Power Pole Repair

Energy & Utilities

Companies in the utilities and energy sector are more prone to cyberattacks than ever, with significant consequences to public safety. Geeks for Business is equipped to provide critical cybersecurity services, including continuous vulnerability scanning and threat hunting, to ensure that your energy provider meets compliance and regulatory standards.


Improve systems uptime, reduce ongoing IT labor costs, and increase organizational productivity with Geeks for Business. We know the technology needs of manufacturing companies can be complex, and security can be challenging when managing legacy systems. We're proud to work with a wide array of manufacturers in the Triangle and we have a deep understanding of the unique IT challenges manufacturers face. Let us help you streamline your business processes with a managed IT solution designed for your company.

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