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IT Spending & Return on Investment

No one wants to overspend on IT.


How can you leverage new and existing IT assets to improve productivity?

An IT Spending Primer

When budgeting for your IT needs, or calculating the amount you currently spend on IT, it's important to factor in proactive and preventative technology costs, as well. As a tech service provider, Geeks for Business believes in the value of preventative IT.

In the era of ransomware, data breaches, and malicious actors looking to monetize your sensitive data, cybersecurity is among the most critical things you can invest in. To borrow a phrase from Futurama, when you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all. This sums up the role in, and importance of, cybersecurity in your business's larger tech plan.

When we talk about cybersecurity, we include endpoint protection (software that runs on each endpoint, or device, such as a PC, that your business needs), threat detection, threat hunting, and remediation. Threat detection is an algorithmic process for finding and alerting us of potential security threats within your business's network. Threat hunting involves trained security professionals proactively searching your network for threats that the endpoint protection software may have missed. Finally, in the event of an active malware infection, remediation is the process by which we remove the threat and restore your endpoints to a known-good state, ensuring the security of your users and their data.

Cybersecurity is a recurring cost, but it is very much a worthwhile one. No one is particularly thrilled about everything adopting the subscription revenue model nowadays, but security is worth spending a little more on in order to bolster your IT defenses.

Of course, there are no shortage of security companies out there, promising advanced AI-based threat detection, dark-web scanning, and complete security at a steep price. Take it from us: complete security is impossible. The price you pay for these services can reach into the tens of thousands per month, and unless you're a large enterprise, it's just not worth it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; this is where technical training comes in.

People are often the weakest link in any cybersecurity strategy. One mistakenly-opened .exe from a malicious email attachment; one suspicious-looking .pdf; inadvertently providing a bad actor with company secrets over the phone--all it takes is one employee making one mistake to undo all the careful IT planning you've done.


Here, employee training is key: Geeks for Business is a strong proponent of training your company's employees on the products we deploy, helping them to understand and adopt security best practices, such as multifactor authentication, strong passwords, and zero-trust.

Training is another ongoing expense, but the return on this particular investment is a stronger security posture for your business, with lowered risk of security incidents.

Security, training, and data backups are all recurring costs that you, as the business owner, should keep in mind when shopping for managed IT services. These are recurring costs that provide a substantial return-on-investment by lowering your risk of debilitating security events like ransomware attacks, which have been known to bankrupt business owners.

Geeks for Business works with only the best B2B security and data backup providers in the managed IT space, like Huntress for cybersecurity and NinjaOne for data backups; we shop around so you don't have to. Each year, we re-evaluate what our security and backup providers are charging us and make changes as necessary, in order to keep costs under control for our clients.

Get in touch with Geeks for Business today and we will work with you to develop an IT spending roadmap for your company, taking your budget, goals, and needs into account. Spending a little now can save you a lot later on.

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