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Recurring services

Geeks for Business offers a wide range of recurring IT services for your business or home office. These service offerings include managed help desk solutions, managed networking, on-demand break/fix device services, managed data backup, managed security/anti-malware solutions, as well as server administration and endpoint monitoring.

Geeks for Business offers our managed service packages both in no-commitment month-to-month and annual contract arrangements. Annual service contracts may include as few as one service (managed security, for example) and are discounted relative to our pay-per-month pricing.

Monthly vs. annual pricing

Save money and reduce your business IT headaches with convenient annual IT service plans from Geeks for Business. If your business is strictly seasonal in nature, we also offer great monthly IT plans, custom built for your unique demands.

Service level agreements


When signing up for a managed service contract with Geeks for Business, a base Service Level Agreement (SLA) is created. An SLA guarantees that we will respond to a call or trouble ticket within a predefined time frame. For more time sensitive applications and critical systems that your business depends on, we offer Advanced SLAs with shorter response and turnaround times, for an additional monthly fee.

Access and data


When Geeks for Business initiates a service agreement with a client, we require access to your business's internal resources, including, but not limited to: login credentials for computers and other devices, access to perform network analysis and device discovery, and access to files on your business's network.


Rest assured that Geeks for Business never stores your data in an unencrypted format, if necessary. We take pride in keeping our customers' data secure and we'll let you know if a third-party vendor (eg: Microsoft) changes their Terms of Use or End User Licensing agreements in a way that materially affects how your data is handled.

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