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> Consulting and Remote Support

> Consulting

  • Geeks for Business offers full-service IT consulting. Whether you already run an IT department or work with another company for aspects of your existing IT systems, we can provide valuable tech insight.

  • If you think your business could be making better use of its IT resources, reach out to Geeks for Business for a free 30-minute consultation. We'll review aspects of your current IT setup, such as total spending, resource availability, provider reliability, and budget in order to provide you with a plan to reach your IT goals.

  • Additionally, we offer consulting in the following specific areas:

    • Hardware recommendations and procurement

    • Software (including 'as-a-service' platforms)

    • Cloud technology solutions (including multicloud integration)

    • Information security

    • Systems implementation

    • High-availability systems installation

    • Webhosting and internal app hosting

  • If you're looking to expand your current business, or start a new business, you can rely on Geeks for Business to design an IT plan that meets your requirements, without selling you more than you need.

  • Get in touch today to learn how we help small businesses, sole-proprietorships, nonprofits, and more get the most out of their tech budgets. We'd love to help you discover how smart technology spending can increase your profits, reduce complexity, and make your day-to-day operations easier than ever.

> Remote Support

 > Tech emergency that doesn't demand an onsite visit? We've got you covered! Using remote support software, Geeks for Business can connect to your device over the Internet to diagnose and resolve issues, no matter where you are.

> Software issues can often be fixed over the Internet, saving you the additional time and expense of an onsite visit.

> Leveraging remote support software, Geeks for Business can create a one-time support session, direct clients to our remote support web portal, and have a technician working on your issue in no time at all.

> For managed service customers, our remote support service also allows us to install an "agent" on your device which provides our technicians with useful diagnostic data and other information about your system.

> The takeaway: the key to reducing IT headaches is proactive maintenance. Our experienced technicians are well-versed in keeping your device humming along with a full suite of remote solutions, from security to data backup, that will give you peace of mind and lighten the load on your wallet.

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