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> Managed Networking

> Geeks for Business offers a full range of network services for your home or business environment

> Wireless network installation and configuration

> We work with enterprise networking vendors like Ubiquiti, Ruckus, and Aruba, providing you unmatched performance, manageability, and security. Experience the benefits of fast, secure, scalable mesh WiFi with Geeks for Business.

> Ethernet, telephony, and low voltage cabling

> Geeks for Business has years of experience in low voltage cabling, both in new and existing construction. We regularly perform wiring upgrades, wiring closet installations, and analog-to-digital PBX conversions.

> Software-defined networking (SDN)

> Let us help you reduce your business's network cost and complexity by leveraging the power of software-defined networking. Utilizing software controllers and APIs (application programming interfaces), software-defined networking enables your business to securely and quickly access data remotely, or from office to office, without the need for expensive hardware. SDN reduces network spending and the complexity of managing additional physical network infrastructure.

> Network Security

> In a highly networked world, security starts at the network stack. Don't waste your money on ineffective antivirus solutions for multiple devices; Geeks for Business is partnered with Huntress to bring the power of threat-hunting to your home or business network, isolating and neutralizing security threats before any damage can be done.

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