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> SMS Opt-in Disclosure

When you submit a request for service or pricing through the Contact Us form located in the Site's footer, you will be required to consent to be contacted by Us ("Geeks for Business LLC") by email, phone, and/or SMS in order to submit your request.

This "opt-in" to be contacted by email, phone, and/or SMS is a regulatory requirement and lets us ensure that your consent to be contacted is appropriately collected and stored in accordance with those regulatory guidelines.

Geeks for Business LLC will only send SMS messages to your provided phone number to provide you with information pertinent to your service request, consultation, ongoing service(s), scheduling, or in order to obtain customer feedback.

You will not receive automated SMS messages from Geeks for Business LLC for the purposes of advertising, marketing, or selling additional products or services unrelated to your service request(s). Messages that you receive are sent by a human and are for informational purposes regarding service requests, ongoing service(s), scheduling, or customer feedback.

Should you wish to opt out of future SMS communications from Us ("Geeks for Business LLC"), you may reply "STOP" to 919-381-8974 at any time. However, to facilitate efficient service, we request that you maintain a valid phone number or email address through which you can be reached about service requests and other service-related updates. You will never be sent marketing or promotional information by SMS from Us ("Geeks for Business LLC").

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